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    BAC40EM6 & BAC40EM10 Wiring Harness and Test Switch/Indicator

    Model #: PRT00251
    12NC:      913702472601
    Bodine - Emergency Lighting
    Bodine -  PRT00251



    •  This kit includes the wiring harness and test switch/indicator light for both Bodine Combo emergency LED drivers (BAC40EM6 and BAC40EM10).


    • The wiring harness provides the unit's enable and battery connectors as shown (the two-pin connector is for the battery and the two single-pin connectors are the enable connector).


    • Refer to the BAC40EM6 or BAC40EM10 product installation instructions for connection information.
    • Ordering code and 12NC for BAC40EM6 is BAC40EM6M and 913702469101. Ordering code and 12NC for BAC40EM10 is BAC40EM10M and 913702469401.