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    Fuse Holder and Special Four-Wire Indicator Light/Test Switch (IP67 Rated 4W-ITS) for BSL722 and BSL722 Cold-Pak

    Model #: PRT00119
    12NC: 913702436601
    Bodine - Emergency Lighting
    Bodine - PRT00119
    RoHS Compliant


    • Kit includes fuse-holder with intergral leads and special four-wire indicator light/test switch (IP67 Rated 4W-ITS).


    • This kit is used exclusively with the BSL722 (Ordering code BSL722M, 12NC 913710896502) and BSL722 Cold-Pak (Ordering code BSL722COLDM, 12NC 913702429201) products.


    • Fuse-holder includes a 2A, 100V fuse. Its leads terminate in housed single-pin connectors. Connecting this enables the emergency function of the BSL722/BSL722 Cold-Pak unit.


    • See BSL722 and BSL722 Cold-Pak instructions for more information.