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    Bodine - Emergency Lighting

    High power LED emergency drivers, now in smaller packages

    April 2021

    A New Range of Products to Meet all Your Needs


    With so many great options and standard features, it’s hard to go wrong.


    Bodine proudly presents ten new emergency LED drivers for high bay, low bay, or for any other of your emergency lighting needs.  With many standard features to make installation and operation simple and efficient, and multiple configurations for an easy fit in a variety of shaped luminaires, they are your ticket to easy code-compliant emergency lighting.  These new products are the latest in Bodine innovation and are now available.

    The BSL20B and BSL14B families, with 20 watts and 14 watts of output power respectively, were designed with the needs of high bay and low bay installations in mind, or other applications requiring higher emergency output power like those with higher mounting heights.  These products are ideal to provide emergency lighting in workshops, industrial, factory, gymnasium, auditoriums, grocery stores, etc.  However, their small size and variety of configurations also allows them to be easily used in any areas where greater emergency illumination is needed.  Available with a separate battery or an integral battery, and with or without conduit, these products can easily be installed into, on top of, or remote from most troffer, strip style, or pendant luminaires.  Also available with Class 2 output voltages or voltages up to 200 Vdc, they are compatible with a large variety of LED load configurations.


    These new models are easier than ever to install and use.  The supplied test switch cable assembly is plenum rated, allowing for easy routing of the test switch to any convenient location.  Plenum rating eliminates the need for conduit to sheath the test switch wiring.  Additionally, the attractive, high quality test switch is IP65 rated, allowing it to be made user accessible in many extreme environments.  No longer does the switch need to be protected by the luminaire or special covers, for most applications.  Not only that, but it is also vandal resistant to boot.


    Taking easy installation one step further, Automatic Bodine Connect (or ABConnect) eliminates the need for the manual manipulation of product converter connectors and allows for the emergency driver to be mounted and shipped, and the luminaire installed and sealed, prior to AC power being available, and all without draining the battery.  ABConnect automatically reactivates both charging and emergency functions when the emergency driver sense that AC power is first applied, without requiring the installer to gain access to the luminaire a second time.  This saves time and labor, and the potential to overlook the converter connector step.


    Bodine also includes self-test as standard in these models to create the ultimate experience in easy ownership.  With self-test, maintenance of a facility’s emergency lighting system is both simple, efficient, and hands free.  The self-test feature automatically performs the code required 30-second test once every month and the required full rated discharge once per year.  During these tests, the product monitors the performance of the battery, the charging system, the LED load, and the temperature of the installation. Test results are reported to maintenance personnel via flashing of the charge indicator light.  With self-test, you can be assured that your emergency lighting is always up to code and ready for use.


    These new products are all UL Listed for factory or field installation in the US and Canada.  Available in several familiar form factors, they can be used to easily convert new or existing LED luminaires into code-compliant emergency lighting systems.  California Energy Commission Title 20 compliance with smart charger technology means these products can help you meet your Title 24 building energy requirements.  For more information on these new products, please visit the website at, or contact your local Bodine representative.




    Bodine - BSL14-20


    • UL Listed for field or factory installation.
    • When paired with a compatible LED luminaire, provides NFPA 101 compliant emergency lighting.
    • Intelligent output initially provides rated power regardless of the LED array voltage.
    • High or low voltage output variants.
    • Smart Charger Technology meets CEC Title 20 efficiency standards with low energy consumption helps meet Title 24 building requirements.
    • Automatically performs code required testing (Self-Test).
    • Allows for luminaire to be completely installed prior to AC mains availability (ABConnect).
    • Easily disabled for storage and fool proof commissioning (ABConnect).
    • Universal Input reduces ordering and stocking complexity and reduces field wiring errors.
    • Compatible with a wide variety of LED arrays and AC drivers.
    • Test switch is IP65 rated for protection to dust and water ingress.
    • Small size, with and without conduit, and separate battery variants provides maximum flexibility during installation
    • No conduit is needed for plenum rated test switch assembly.

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