Bodine - Emergency Lighting

    Upgraded generator transfer device from the leading innovator in emergency lighting solutions

    December 2019

    Bodine upgrades the generator transfer device with a one-of-a-kind dual listed auxiliary device

    The Bodine GTDU generator transfer device has Bodine ingenuity embedded within, with upgrades and features with the user in mind. The GTDU is the first generator transfer device designed to be dual UL Listed to UL 1008 (transfer switch) and UL 924 (switch bypass), offers the smallest form factor for a UL 1008 device and other upgraded features.

    With upgraded features like 0-10V dimming control override, universal input 120 through 277 VAC, 50/60 Hz, reduced AC line current and power consumption and 24VDC fire alarm override capable, these and all other upgraded features provide greater user flexibility and usability.

    The GTDU works in conjunction with an auxiliary generator or central inverter to power existing LED, fluorescent and incandescent fixtures for egress lighting regardless of the wall switch position and is suitable for indoor or damp locations and plenum rated luminaires/enclosures.
    UL Listed
    C UL US Listed
    GTDU samples are now available. Full production will begin late January 2020. To order a sample, contact your Signify representative.

    Key Upgraded Features

    • Dual listed to UL 1008 (transfer switch) and UL 924 (switch bypass) 
    • 0-10V dimming control override capable 
    • Reduced AC line current and power consumption 
    • Universal input 120-277 VAC, 50/60 Hz 24VDC fire alarm override capable
    If you have any questions, please contact Bodine at 800-223-5728 for more information.

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