Bodine - Emergency Lighting

    Emergency lighting inverter with auto dimming

    January 2019

    ELI-S-100 emergency lighting inverter upgrade

    Now offers automatic dimming (0 to 10V) of connected load and meets CEC Title 20 standards

    The upgraded Bodine ELI-S-100 offers 100VA sinusoidal output with automatic dimming. The diming capability allows a higher power fixture to operate at a dimmed 100VA maximum in emergency mode, or, alternately, it allows a string of multiple fixtures to be driven in emergency mode at a combined 100VA maximum. The ELI-S-100 can operate a non-dimmable load from 0-100VA.*

    The ELI-S-100 works in conjunction with LED or fluorescent fixtures to create an emergency lighting system. Connected fixtures can be on, off, switched or dimmed without affecting emergency operation. Upon failure of normal power, the ELI-S-100 instantly begins providing power to the connected load and will continue to power the load for a minimum of 90 minutes or until normal power is restored..


    ELI-S-100 is UL Listed for the U.S. and Canada and meets CEC (California Energy Commission) Title 20 efficiency standards.


    * Please see the specification sheet for important information on efficiency and start-up power (page 2), as well as for additional product details.

    Bodine - ELI-S-100


    • Automatic dimming (0 to 10V) of the connected load
    • Adjustable maximum dim setting
    • Automatic output voltage select
    • Remote mounting up to 250 feet
    • Compatible with AC (line voltage) driven TLED lamps
    • Meets CEC Title 20 efficiency standards
    • UL Listed for the U.S. and Canada


    • For information on the previous, non-automatic dimming model, please contact the factory at 888-263-4638.

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