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    Bodine - Emergency Lighting

    UltimateOne AC/emergency combination LED drivers

    April 2018

    UltimateOne combination LED drivers

    AC + emergency operation in one low-profile case

    The Philips Bodine UltimateOne combination AC/emergency LED drivers – BAC40EM10 and BAC40EM6 – are a combination of a 40W dimming LED driver with Philips SimpleSet technology and a 10W or 6W emergency LED driver in one low-profile case. The combination design guarantees compatibility between the AC and emergency drivers and helps simplify the installation process.

    The UltimateOne drivers, which were introduced in 2017, are supplied with a separate high-temperature nickel-cadmium battery with one simple connection point and can deliver up to 10W or 6W, depending on the model, to a Class 2 LED load (measured at nominal battery voltage) for 90 minutes in emergency mode. During normal operation, the BAC40EM10 and BAC40EM6 operate as a standard 40W AC driver with Philips SimpleSet technology.

    The BAC40EM10 provides up to 1300 lumens, while the BAC40EM6 provides up to 800 lumens in emergency mode. They are suitable for indoor and damp locations, are universal input units and dim to 1%. AC operation for the combination drivers is easily programmed with SimpleSet technology.

    The combination drivers measure 14.1” x 1.18” x 1.0” and feature a separate battery (1” diameter) for mounting flexibility. BAC40EM10 and BAC40EM6 are UL Recognized for factory installation only.

    Bodine - BAC4EM6


    • AC/Emergency LED driver in one compact, low-profile case
    • AC and EM driver compatibility is confirmed
    • Fewer wires to simplify installation
    • 40W AC Driver with 10W or 6W emergency output
    Logo IES
    The UltimateOne was accepted into the 2017 IES Progress report.
    LFI 2017 winner
    The Philips Bodine UltimateOne combination AC / Emergency LED driver technology won Lightfair International's 2017 Innovation Award for the ballasts, transformers & LED drivers category.

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