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    Mozaic: A colorful and immersive lighting installation at Fort Lauderdale Airport in Florida

    9 February, 2021
    airport passengers
    Photo Credits: Courtesy of Electroland LLC
    Passengers greeted with an immersive experience of colorful light at Fort Lauderdale Airport

    Commissioned by Broward County’s Public Art and Design Program in partnership with the Broward County Aviation Department, Mosaic is a 73 m (240 ft) long permanent light art installation located in the concourse of the T4 Terminal at the Hollywood/Fort Lauderdale International Airport (FLL).


    The artwork, created by renown Electroland Principal, Cameron McNall, is simultaneously visible to travelers in the concourse below, who see it as a large display, and travelers in the arrivals corridor above, who walk beside it in an immersive experience of colored light.


    Integrated into the terminal architecture, Mosaic is an artistic interpretation of a linear clock that follows a visual logic interpreting the color spectrum as a one-hour time cycle. The dynamic patchwork of colors slowly morph over each hour cycle in tune with the associated ‘time-color’ dominant at each moment. The colors appear mostly static, with a minor visual event occurring every minute, a more substantial event every ten minutes, and a major event marking the hour.

    Airport mosaic
    Photo Credits: Courtesy of Electroland LLC
    Mosaic includes 439 m (1,440 feet) of Color Kinetics Purestyle Intelligent Color Powercore, RGBA LED lights capable of generating 1,100,160 lumens of additive colored light power. The artwork is faced on both sides by 390 sq m (4,200 sq ft) of Oldcastle translucent glass installed by Davie Glass and the artwork frame is constructed from 372 sq m (4,000 sq ft) of Alpolic fr aluminum composite material. A controller manages the dynamic display. Color Kinetics value-added partner, Forman & Associates, provided the products, as well as engineering and design support to ensure Electroland's vision was perfectly achieved.
    Airport waiting room
    Photo Credits: Courtesy of Electroland LLC

    “Airports can be impersonal spaces of movement and generic messaging. Mosaic provides a unique personality and voice for the T4 Terminal that is visually exciting and welcoming. Similar to large train station clocks of the past, by its size, position and vibrancy, the artwork adds a unique unifying visual focus for the concourse, enriching the airport experience for all who pass by." – Cameron McNall, Principal, Electroland LLC.


    In this video, California artist Cameron McNall discusses the vision behind his creation, Mosaic.

    youtube image


    Color Kinetics
    Color Kinetics

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