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    Philips High-Voltage, High-Wattage LED Corn Cob Lamps Shine a Whole New Light on Industrial Spaces

    March 07, 2023
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    A well-lit environment is essential to the operations and performance of any space. However, in larger, industrial facilities (such as factories, power mills or mines), where heavy-duty machinery is in use, standard LED lighting won’t cut it. High-voltage, high wattage LED lighting is required – offering uniform illumination, an increase in energy savings and compliance with the latest environmental and safety regulations.


    But the most common retrofit option – transitioning from HID lamps to high-lumen output LED fixtures – can be expensive to upgrade and maintain and be challenging to accommodate with your existing infrastructure. Signify has expanded the Philips 277V - 480V 1000W LED HID corn cob lamps portfolio with new DLC 5.1 Certified 250W and 400W corn cob options to address the market need for even more LED HID lamp replacement options.


    Transforming LED Light for Large Spaces


    These high-voltage, high wattage LED corn cobs offer reliable, high-quality performance that maximizes energy savings to help reduce your operational costs – up to $7000 annually1!


    Signify is also the only lighting manufacturer that offers a DLC 5.1-certified 1000W option in this voltage range, which qualifies industrial customers for state and national rebate programs, making it a more accessible and affordable LED retrofit option.


    In addition, because these lamps have a wide input voltage range, they are more tolerant to input voltage variations. They have a higher efficacy and double the run time (50,000 hours!) of their HID predecessors, all while accounting for common issues, like burnout and power surges. 

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    Furthermore, because these lamps are UL Type B and require you to bypass the ballast, they offer a longer lifetime than traditional HID lamps as well as less maintenance and labor over time.


    Our range of corn cob lamps continue to fit within the Ansi industry standard dimensions1 , so you have the right-sized lamp you need when you convert from HID to LED. This versatile design is not only useful for industrial facilities but also other large application areas – from outdoor parking lots to gymnasiums.


    1Our dimensions are in accordance with ANSI, NEMA LL-10

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    With our Philips DLC 5.1 Certified 250W and 400W 480-volt LED corn cob lamps, you can have confidence that the complex lighting needs of your large space will be met. For more information on this product family, visit our website or contact your Signify sales representative.


    Madhurima Basu-Sajdak
    Madhurima Basu-Sajdak

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