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    How lighting design can enhance well-being in a time of social distancing

    May 26, 2020
    How lighting design can enhance well-being in a time of social distancing
    We – both employers and employees – need to re-think our spaces. Implementing social distancing, wearing face masks and washing hands is not going to be enough after we go back to work again. We need a much broader approach in reconsidering our workplaces. Although well-being in workplaces has been an area of interest for some time, the current situation in society requires us to even consider it more thoroughly. A healthy indoor environment isn’t merely about our physical health, but also about finding happiness and satisfaction at work. To define that, the WELL Building Standard provides us with a system for measuring, certifying, and monitoring features that impact human health and well-being, through air, water, nourishment, mind, fitness, comfort and light.
    OneSpace can enhance our well-being
    To gain a certain level of happiness and satisfaction, proper lighting is a vital feature in the WELL Building Standard that cannot be ignored. OneSpace can enhance our well-being by creating the feeling of daylight inside. Consequently, supporting our circadian rhythm. The superior homogeneous light does not display signs of flicker, is glare free and eliminates shadows completely. It provides comfortable, soft and natural lighting that is tunable and dimmable to the time of day or season. Due to its nature of being a large surface that is both luminous and illuminating, the impression of a space is changed. Not only because it is a strong-yet-gentle visual element, but also because the sheer size of the panels makes people feel as if there is a skylight. The panels tap into a subconscious feeling of comfort that can not be achieved with regular luminaires. On top of that, its acoustic properties reduce disturbing noise. With all of these characteristics OneSpace significantly improves our well-being in spaces.
    Lobby with a dynamic and smoothing lighting solution
    On a related note, Luminous Textile with Kvadrat Soft Cells has that effect too. Furthermore, it provides art, beauty and design to spaces, with a dynamic and soothing lighting solution. The calming patterns of the dynamic video content generate a mitigating effect on the level of stress and fatigue in workplaces. There are numerous possibilities for the content: nature, figurative or abstract. From clouds, birds in the sky, the wind going through a field of sunflowers, fish swimming in the sea, to abstract patterns blending into one another. It can be gentle, calming or very dynamic. All depending on your design choices, or even on the time of day. Additionally, the Kvadrat Soft Cells improve acoustics by dampening sound and reducing noise. This way Luminous Textile inspires and energizes spaces and adds another connection to the outside world or to nature.
    OneSpace and Luminous Textile can boost the mood of employers in various workplaces

    In an era where social distancing and wearing facemasks might become the new norm, proper lighting, appropriate acoustics, art, beauty and design, will have a significant influence on how we perceive spaces like offices and hotel entrances. OneSpace and Luminous Textile can enhance a sense of comfort and boost the mood of employers in various workplaces. And by making our work environment more pleasant and more satisfying, we might bring employees – as a team – closer together. Even if they are 1,5 meters or 6 feet apart.


    Explore endless design possibilities with Luminous Textile and OneSpace.


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