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    Bodine’s ABConnect – An Emergency Lighting Feature as Easy as “1-2-3”

    March 22, 2022
    Ghirardelli Square
    Battery-powered emergency ballasts and drivers are an effective and attractive method of providing emergency lighting – reducing visible wiring and wall clutter with a hidden battery pack. However, installers face a complex and cumbersome process when it comes time to enable or disable their luminaires, requiring multiple tools and physical connectors. If they fail to properly store their fixtures and leave the connector open when necessary, the products may become damaged or present a security hazard. 
    While they’ve been an effective solution, physical connectors are not ideal in a time where we have the technology to do more. Enter Bodine’s ABConnect (Automatic Bodine Connect), a feature first included in 2020 with the release of the BSL06M5 emergency LED driver. ABConnect eliminates the need for a set of enable wires – helping to reduce added installer work while maintaining security and reliability. And we couldn’t be more excited to expand our family in 2022, starting mid-year with the release of the BSL10LST and BSL6LST GEN 2. This new family improves upon the innovation of the GEN 1, with an even smaller size, bi-color indicator LED, selectable self-test, and the benefits of ABConnect. To learn more about our upcoming launches and current portfolio, visit our website.
    Ghirardelli Square
    Two important things to know about Bodine’s ABConnect
    1. Installation Made Easy
    The emergency function is enabled as soon as power is applied. You can complete installation with or without power instead of going back into each luminaire to close the inverter connector after power becomes available. This can help to reduce installation errors, such as: closing the connector prematurely, damaging the battery pack or leaving the inverter connector open, resulting in loss of function. Installers can avoid wasting time and cost by eliminating additional trips to each fixture when enabling their emergency functions. In fact, luminaires that are sealed against the environment, like for wet or hazardous locations, may not need to be accessed at all, which ensures the integrity of the seal is maintained.
    2.  Reliability You Can Depend On
    ABConnect can be safely stored for an extended period with no impact to the battery. As a result, this prevents product damage during long periods of power loss. We offer two avenues for disabling your emergency driver to help simplify this process. 1.) Simply remove AC power, and press and hold the test switch for three seconds. You’ve now disabled the emergency mode, leaving the product in its deactivated state. or 2.) Allow the product to run through a full discharge test. Once it does, ABConnect kicks in and disables the unit itself. Both methods fully disconnect the battery. After you resume power, the fixture activates the emergency function, immediately connects the battery to the circuit and resumes normal operation.
    ABConnect streamlines the installation process for more secure, efficient wiring without sacrificing on product quality. Installers can assemble, test and disable their emergency drivers in a few easy to automate steps.
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