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    Ledalite by Signify  - Architectural Indoor Lighting

    Our Technologies

    R&D is a core focus of our business. Ledalite invests millions of dollars into technology development because we are always thinking about how we can do even better.


      Like many scientific breakthroughs, MesoOptics was inspired by nature. Butterfly wings consist of three-dimensional crystal nanostructures which selectively curve and scatter light. MesoOptics replicates the same effect, using holographic technology.  Using patented processes, lighting distributions less than 5 microns in size are applied to a recyclable substrate, creating a highly efficient and unique lighting control approach.

    Exceptional Control & Efficiency

    MesoOptics technology provides the best possible combination of control and luminance. Higher transmission efficiencies translate into a reduction in energy consumption versus traditional optical and control methods . By introducing small amounts of controlled brightness to the vertical surfaces, we create a brighter and more visually comfortable environment without unwanted glare.


    MesoOptics homogenizes color, and removes striations and hot spots from lighting sources, creating smooth gradients of pure, white light free from color shifts.


    MesoOptics disperses light uniformly and creates precisely controlled beam patterns to redirect light into optimum angles.


    MesoOptics’ highly efficient material allows up to 95% of the light to pass through, creating highly energy efficient lighting products.

    Tunable White LED Technology

    Lighting has a profound impact on the human body. It's more than just how we see. It also affects how we feel and how we function.

    Signify tunable white solutions are designed to help maximize the influence of lighting on your daily life by creating different ambiances, and providing personal control.


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    Tunable white

    Connected Lighting and the Power of IoT

    Introducing Interact from Signify, a secure, scalable IoT platform that enables connected LED lighting systems and embedded sensor networks to deliver insights, benefits and new services to customers. The Ledalite portfolio includes a selection of Interact ready luminaires with embedded sensors  and PoE (Power over Ethernet) drivers that can elevate users into the world of intelligent lighting.

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