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    Light that stimulates employee’s wellbeing

    Van Rennes, Klaaswaal, the Netherlands


    With the help of NatureConnect - lighting inspired by nature - the Dutch installer company Van Rennes has been able to improve comfort, wellbeing, and productivity of their employees.

    NatureConnect from now on will provide our office environment with pleasant and dynamic lighting, stimulating our employees’ wellbeing. First reactions are very positive and our employees clearly feel more energetic."


    Jaco Bervoets, Director at Van Rennes

    Customer Challenge

    When upgrading its offices, Van Rennes wanted to mimic the patterns of daylight indoors for more productive and natural work environments, in which employees feel at ease.

    The Solution


    The NatureConnect lighting solution brings the benefits of natural light indoors for comfortable, engaging, and attractive environments. It combines various LED luminaires – Daylight, Skylight and Lightscape – with intuitive control to enable immersive lighting experiences that reconnect us to the outside world.


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    Case Studies

    • Vredenbergh residential care center

      Vredenbergh residential care center

      Vredenbergh, a senior living community in the Netherlands, implemented NatureConnect, a lighting system that recreates natural light and scenes.

    • BNP Paribas office

      BNP Paribas office

      BNP Paribas, a global banking and financial services company,implemented NatureConnect, a lighting system that simulates natural light, in its offices in Paris.

    • Hardeman office

      Hardeman office

      Hardeman, a family-owned construction company, experienced the benefits of NatureConnect for their employees and office.

    • Skanska office

      Skanska office

      Skanska, a construction company, experienced the benefits of NatureConnect for employees and office. Learn how NatureConnect can help you achieve your goals.

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