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    Sky is not the limit

    Hardeman BV
    Veenendaal, the Netherlands


    The employees of Hardeman BV can experience the benefits of daylight even when they are in the middle of their newly build office. NatureConnect lighting is enhancing their spaces with a view to the sky for a feeling of spaciousness and connection to the outdoors.

    Most of our employees and visitors believe that the Skylights are real, that’s how natural they look."


    Johan Hardeman, Director at Hardeman BV

    Customer challenge


    Hardeman BV is a growing company that is active in the construction industry. For their new office building, they were looking for ways to create a ‘great place to work’. When they saw NatureConnect for the first time, they were directly convinced that this would create the inspiring and attractive workplace that they were looking for.

    The Solution


    The NatureConnect lighting solution brings the benefits of natural light indoors for comfortable, engaging, and attractive environments.


    A corridor full of Skylights reconnects employees and visitors to the outside even when being in the middle of the building.


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    Installed by Techtron

    Case Studies

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