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    Lumec, Gardco, and Hadco are setting the industry standard in state-of-the-art, affordable, low-maintenance outdoor lighting. We are committed to helping utilities simplify, satisfy and save with our installer-friendly luminaires. From roadway and urban to flood and area lighting, our quality solutions will help you meet rigorous demands while maximizing your operational efficiency.


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    Simplify, satisfy, and save


    Simplify your selection process and maintenance with our comprehensive portfolio, designed to be future-proof and for ease of service.

    Satisfy the needs of your diverse customers with products that offer various styles, lumen packages, optical choices, and mounting options for every application.

    Save time and costs. Whether retrofitting or installing as new, rest assured the process will be easy and that you’ll be rewarded with more time and money.

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    Service Tag

    For further peace of mind, Signify’s outdoor luminaires are backed by our exclusive Service Tag, which includes quick registration, access to luminaire configurations, and spare parts identification, for assistance throughout the life of the product.


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    Simplify, satisfy and save even more


    Take LED lighting to another level. Explore Interact connected lighting and software applications that can make your city smarter and more efficient. Interact offers a robust infrastructure that promotes a sense of security and improves lighting services, making commissioning and maintenance a breeze. Connected LED lighting with management software enhances energy and operational efficiency, allowing you to reinvest savings in new smart city projects.

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    Engineered to Order Services

    Whether you need special mounting options, additional color temperatures, special finishes, simple to complex modifications, aesthetic or performance enhancements, our “Engineered to Order” Program has you covered. Leverage the knowledge and competencies of our organization to support your customers’ projects.Trust in our leadership and quality as we work closely with you through every stage.


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