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    Service Tag

    Smart maintenance for LED streetlighting

    service tag

    Service Tag


    LEDification in outdoor lighting is a growing trend because of the high level of light quality and energy efficiency of LED technology. Maintenance of LED luminaires, however, is more complex compared to traditional HID sources. LED requires different competences and processes, while the pressure for rapid fault finding and repair continues to increase in an effort to maintain safety and efficiency.


    To make this process easier, Signify luminaires, poles and packaging are equipped with Service Tag, a QR based identification system. Simply scan the code using the Service Tag app on a mobile device to collect asset data. Luminaire information accessed through the Service Tag app gives field personnel immediate installation guidelines and information about service parts. Additionally, Data Delivery Service offers easy access to accurate streetlight luminaire asset data for all registered Service Tag luminaires.

    How does Service Tag deliver value?


    With Service Tag, luminaire components are uniquely identifiable. Use the Service Tag app to…


    • Easily access information about a specific luminaire or the components inside
    • Simply scan the QR code on a luminaire to view relevant troubleshooting information
    • Enable smooth maintenance processes by easily finding relevant luminaire configuration information and identifying spare parts needed
    service tag app

    Download the Service Tag app


    The age of digital luminaire maintenance is finally here! Download the Service Tag app today to start accessing on-the-spot information and service.


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    Overview of products equipped with the Service tag