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    Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) Batteries 12.8V 22Ah for ELI-S-400 LFP and ELI-S-400-2HR LFP Inverters

    Model #: PRT00400
    12NC:      913702486301
    Bodine - Emergency Lighting
    Bodine -  PRT00400



    • This item includes four (4) Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries rated 12.8VDC, 22Ah each.


    • This item is used in the Bodine ELI-S-400 LFP and ELI-S-400-2HR LFP inverters (ordering codes ELIS400I2UO30AD2 and ELIS400I2UO30AD2HR2, respectively)


    • Refer to ELI-S-400 LFP and ELI-S-400-2HR LFP product installation instructions for connection information.


    • Typically requires an RMA request and replacement order per Bodine-Signify warranty policy. Learn more at