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    Wall-Plate Only for Two-Wire Indicator Light/Test Switch (2W-ITS)

    Model #: PRT00132
    12NC: 913702454101
    Bodine - Emergency Lighting
    Bodine - PRT00132
    RoHS Compliant


    • Kit includes a wall-plate with a single 1/2" hole to accommodate the Bodine two-wire indicator light/test switch (2W-ITS).


    • The low-voltage 2W-ITS is NOT included with this kit.


    • This item is typically used in Bodine models:

    BSL17C Type 1 (Ordering code BSL17CU, 12NC 913702455001)

    BSL17C-C2 (Ordering code BSL17CC2T1U, 12NC 913702454801)

    BSL17C-C2ST (Ordering code BSL17CC2ST, 12NC 913702462301)

    BSL310C-DF Option B (Ordering code BSL310CDFT1M, 12NC 913702457201)