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    Single-Pole, 1/2" Diameter, Pushbutton Test Switch, LED, Tubing and Caution Label

    Model #: PRT00070
    12NC: 913710896402
    Bodine - Emergency Lighting
    Bodine - PRT00070
    RoHS Compliant


    • Kit includes high-voltage (277VAC) 1/2" diameter single-pole pushbutton test switch (two-wire) and separate charging indicator LED.


    • This kit is primarily used with a B94GU (Ordering code B94GUT1O4, 12NC 913702447101) or B4CF2P (Ordering code B4CF2P, 12NC 913702403101) product.


    • Test switch and charging indicator LED lead wires are 6" long. They connect to the appropriate lead wires on the emergency unit as shown in that unit's installation instructions.


    • Kit also includes caution label for luminaire, plastic tubing and bushings to install charging Indicator LED and sheet metal screws for emergency unit attachment to luminaire.