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    RMC-60 Remote Mount Kit (top of fixture)

    Model #: PRT00009T
    12NC: 913702451001
    Bodine - Emergency Lighting
    Bodine - PRT00009T
    RoHS Compliant



    • Kit includes two 22-gauge galvanized steel cover plates, two type B #8 x 1/2" slotted panhead sheet metal screws and two 1/2" trade size bushings.


    • Kit is primarily used to facilitate on top of fixture installation of a standard Bodine emergency unit.


    • Requires a 1/2" trade size (7/8") hole for bushings to be installed so wires can safely be fed through the hole and into the fixture for proper wiring.


    • Covers are fastened to the fixture at the ends of the emergency unit with the two sheet metal screws.
    • Complies with the National Electrical Code requirements.