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    The evolution of street lighting – leading to the smart city of the future

    December 10, 2019
    street lighting
    BrightSites by Signify, recognizes that municipal leaders are looking for ways to improve their cities by enhancing 4G LTE and new 5G LTE broadband, Wi-Fi and IoT connectivity today in order to enable the transformation to a smarter, connected city of the future. With that in mind, we have developed a complete line of smartpoles utilizing Wi-FI, IoT, 4G ,5G and 5G mm LTE technologies.
    Digital transformation of public spaces is rapidly accelerating  from historic town centres, to neighborhoods, to large urban areas. Wireless broadband is becoming more critical to the development of smart cities of the future. BrightSites smartpoles help cities meet the needs of citizens, businesses, and visitors by delivering faster, and more available broadband connectivity that ensures non stop access to their digital world.
    streetlight infographic

    By enabling the deployment of small cells in street level, the BrightSite smartpoles help cities build a foundation for smart cities and services and applications. With better wireless broadband capabilities, municipal governments can leverage technologies to deploy connected sensors and devices for smarter, more sustainable, and more efficient operations. BrighSites smartpoles offer city friendly solutions that leverage current urban infrastructure, improve efficiency, and reduce cost.


    Furthermore, the data rates that are being transferred in mobile traffic are doubling every year, according to a February 2016 report from Cisco. With the advent of IoT, the “things” are becoming connected at a massive rate. Cisco estimates more than 513 million devices will be Wi-Fi enabled by the year 2020 in the United States alone. Both trends affect municipalities, as various wireless communication technologies must find their space in the urban and suburban landscape. Therefore, municipalities are increasingly worried about devices cluttering their communities and need integrated solutions to supply options to their citizens.

    sidewalk streetlight

    With that challenge in mind, streetlights are an essential part of the new smart city of the future. When used as an integral building block, they allow for broadband and Wi-Fi to be delivered to the businesses, residents, and visitors helping them with smart city applications on top and bridge the digital divide.


    The BrightSites by Signify, IoT solutions will support dominant wireless platforms such as Wi-Fi, cameras, multiple sensors and 5G mm LTE and will provide a standardized, aesthetically pleasing, solution with all components enclosed and obscured from public view. We have developed a broad solution architecture, consisting of smart poles and aesthetic attachments that blend into existing poles, both of which are tailored to help municipalities meet the digital divide needs of their communities while transforming a street light pole into a true asset.


    Cities may select from this architecture to expand existing service offerings toward the smart city of the future, while joining forces with the Signify ecosystem of compatible partners to supply connectivity from street lighting assets.


    Click here for more information on our BrightSites smart pole offering, or here for how Interact City can help to make your city smarter, more livable, and truly connected.


    William McShane
    William McShane

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