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    How IoT lighting technology brings a contemporary approach to urban revitalization for the city of Lynn MA

    Februrary 28, 2019
    Beyond Walls Lynn MA


    With dynamic LED lighting provided by Color Kinetics, underpasses in Lynn, a city stretching for 10.5 square miles in eastern Massachusetts, now provides more vibrant public areas for its 90,000 residents.



    Minimal light coverage in downtown Lynn made it uninviting to step out after daylight hours. Known as a cultural hub and a social melting pot, downtown Lynn was up for a complete revamp. Bringing in renowned street artists and lighting experts, BeyondWalls, a non-profit organization, undertook the initiative to reinstate downtown Lynn as the heart of the community.


    One hundred eighty-two Color Kinetics ColorBurst Compact Powercore floods were placed all along Central Square with an additional fixture in each bay under the bridge for extra architectural pop. Washington street consists of twenty-one 4’ ColorGraze QLX Powercore fixtures were used for washing light across the steel from both sides of the bridge and further accentuates the dynamic lighting effects of the Color Kinetics products. Market street consists of thirty-two 4’ ColorGraze QLX Powercore luminaires are focused down to light the sidewalks and middle column area.


    Neon art pieces, street murals, and dynamic LED underpass lighting were set to reanimate the scene with an initial $50,000 donated and matched by MassDevelopment, a Massachusetts-based development and financing agency. Beyond Walls reached their $260,000 funding goal with an extra crowd sourced $80,000.

    Beyond Walls Lynn MA
    The underpass lighting project was aimed at bringing back foot traffic and, in return, there were rippling economic benefits to local stores and the community as a whole.

    There are then five custom iColor Flex LMX node strings that are lining the five main support beams that span the width of the roadway. This luminaire houses fifty individually addressable LED nodes, and can be flexibly positioned to allow for a high range of control and more pronounced dynamic lighting effects. All the Color Kinetics product families used for this project perfectly completed the extraordinary spectrum of color changing fixtures in the area.


    This contemporary approach to urban revitalization was made possible by joining forces with key partners. Port Lighting Systems coordinated sourcing for all materials, installation and integration of all the Color Kinetics systems. They also agreed to maintain this project via Interact Landmark for three years at no additional cost as a contribution to the Lynn community, an excellent example of a progressive smart city. IBEW—The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers—had 40 retired local union electric contractors donate their time and install all the electrical systems.


    Payette, a Boston based architectural firm, provided the vision and masterplan. LAM Partners, an architectural lighting design firm based in Cambridge, MA, provided design concepts for the lighting. Signify is proud to contribute the kinds of IoT lighting technology that really makes a difference in people’s lives.

    Beyond Walls Lynn MA

    Dynamic LEDs lighting up the underpasses brought back an increased sense of security to Lynn residents. With over 200 fixtures set up in the underpasses in Central square, Washington street, and Market Street, downtown Lynn now benefits from safer public areas.


    With the sense of comfort and safety comes the increased foot traffic necessary to drive more business to shops and stores around downtown Lynn. An exciting unveiling event opened to a cheering crowd of around 500 of local community residents, including Mayor Thomas M. McGee, in addition to representatives from affiliated organizations who helped bring this project to light. Colors danced to the beats of local bands entertaining the crowds for the opening event.


    Benefits brought in to Lynn highlights, yet again, Color Kinetics’ ability to brighten up scenes around the city and support local communities.


    Download the Lynn MA case study here 
    Learn more about Interact Landmark


    Color Kinetics
    Color Kinetics

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