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    Step out of the recessed zone and light up your T-grid ceilings, for less with the new SlimLux

    April 24, 2019
    Lumec SoleCity LED
    Meet your new choice for T-grid ceilings…. SlimLux from Day-Brite/CFI.
    SoleCity overview
    With an ultra slim design, SlimLux still can make an impact on your space. It’s 90% up-light provides even, low glare illumination throughout your space. No more workplaces that feel like caves.
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    SlimLux is easy to specify and easy to choose. With simple choices in ordering and many components in stock, it’s a quick, budget-friendly choice. The finely tuned product options will not overwhelm, but still provide the flexibility to be just right for your project. SlimLux is offered in 2’ and 4’ lengths, 2 color temperatures, 2 lumen packages and multiple driver configurations.
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    Our multi-driver configurations will save money and time. With one driver box – you can power up to 8 light bars. This means only 1 line voltage connection to the driver, and easy low voltage connections out to the light bars. This will save your contractor hours in large installations. A time study shows that SlimLux can be installed in about 11 minutes per unit (for 8 units including power) compared to 22 minutes for a 2x2 troffer (including power). The option to utilize single driver pods provides ultimate layout flexibility as well as the opportunity to include emergency configurations where needed.
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    When considering your budget – SlimLux is a friendly choice when compared to 2x2 troffers. At a similar price to a mid-range troffer, your luminaire budget is comparable, but you will save considerable money in the installation process. Application studies show that a 4’ SlimLux luminaire provides equal illumination to a 2x2 troffer. 
    See the difference!
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    When you’re considering lighting for your next t-grid ceiling. Think outside of the 2x2 box and choose SlimLux.
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    SlimLux video:
    Slimlux linear surface DayBrite
    Find out more: SlimLux


    Meghan Marrer Andrew
    Meghan Marrer Andrew

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