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    Attend this webinar to understand the evolving role of architectural lighting design beyond traditional illumination, recognizing its potential to shape emotional responses and spatial experiences.
    Lighting and beyond

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    Thursday, Nov 21, 2024

    4:00 PM to 5:00 PM CET

    Key topics and learnings


    Architectural lighting design has evolved significantly over the years. It used to be solely focused on providing functional lighting for buildings and spaces. However, in recent times, the field has expanded to incorporate various new technologies and concepts that aim to create more immersive and engaging experiences for people.


    One of the key trends in architectural lighting design is the use of dynamic lighting. This involves the use of lighting systems that can change in intensity, color, and direction. By adjusting these parameters, designers can create different moods and atmospheres in a space. For example, a restaurant might use warm and dim lighting to create a cozy and intimate ambiance, while a hospital might use bright and cool lighting to promote a sense of cleanliness and sterility.


    Another important trend is the integration of smart lighting systems. With the advancement of technology, lighting fixtures can now be controlled and programmed through smartphones, tablets, or even voice commands. This allows for more flexibility and customization in lighting design.


    Furthermore, architectural lighting design is increasingly embracing sustainable practices. Energy-efficient lighting options, such as LED solutions, are being widely used to reduce power consumption and minimize the carbon footprint. Additionally, daylight harvesting techniques are being implemented to make the most of natural light during the day, reducing the reliance on artificial lighting.


    The advent of interactive lighting is another exciting development in the field. This involves using sensors and interactive elements to create dynamic lighting displays that respond to the presence and movements of people. For instance, in a museum, lighting fixtures can be programmed to highlight specific artworks as visitors approach them, creating a more interactive and engaging experience.


    In conclusion, architectural lighting design is continuously evolving, with new technologies and concepts pushing the boundaries of what is possible. From dynamic and smart lighting systems to sustainable practices and interactive lighting displays, designers are finding innovative ways to create more meaningful and engaging spatial experiences. As technology continues to advance, we can expect the future of architectural lighting design to be even more immersive and transformative.

    In this webinar Uno Lai, Founder and CEO at Unolai Group will explore the future trends of architectural lighting design, discussing how to create more engaging spatial experiences with these new technologies and concepts.



    Learning objectives:


    • Understanding the Potential of Lighting.
    • Recognizing Lighting Design as a Science
    • Appreciating Lighting Design as an Art
    • Exploring Future Trends in Lighting Design

    Presented by

    Uno Lai

    Uno Lai

    UnoLai Design,



    Uno Lai is one of the influential lighting designers in Asia, and the principal of UnoLai Design, which he established in New York in 2005. A practicing lighting designer for more than two decades, Uno draws inspiration from a lively creative professional background including photography, theatre and interior design. Uno’s work has received media attention and lighting design awards from organizations both at home and abroad. He has long been promoting the general appreciation of lighting design by public lecture, article and online session.


    In 2015, Mr. Lai opened UnoLab as an ambitious, future-driven exploration of new lighting frontiers, rethinking the role of light in human life. His conceptual lighting art installations have been featured in festivals and exhibitions around the world. Uno launched his new lifestyle brand--UnoLife in 2023, UnoLife is an innovative lifestyle brand that embodies the spirit of California surf culture.

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