3D printing for lighting, why it’s not a hype!

    Watch this webinar to learn how the 3D Printing in lighting is the redefinition of fast, flexible and sustainable for your projects.

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    Presented by

    Remco Ducchart


    Remco Duchhart

    Manager Format Development, at Albert Heijn

    Amsterdam Area, Netherlands


    Jaap van der Linden


    Jaap van der Linden

    Product manager Telecaster



    Manager Brand Guidelines & Visual Identity,

    Albert Heijn Europe - Sep 2012 till present

    • Visual Identity Guidance
    • Creating corporate brand movie
    • Visual identity: AH XL Leidschendam, AH XL Eindhoven, AH ToGo Reguliersbreestraat & Damrak,
    • International projects: Concept&Design Albert Supermarkets (CR), Fresh market project Ahold US


    In the past years Jaap has been active in product development for outdoor applications in Europe. Fuelling the transition to LED based solutions. He has driven the Create the Livable city program, a platform where over 150 professionals in urban place making have been designing and prototyping lighting solutions that contribute to our future livable cities.


    In his current role as a product manager he uses 3D printing technology to develop new lighting solutions for indoor applications. He also leads the sustainability program that aims to use recycled polycarbonate as a basis to produce 3D printed products.


    Key topics and learnings


    3D printing has been around for a while. And now the lighting industry is transforming again with this revolutionary new technology that allows you to create your tailored luminaires at a fraction of the cost of bespoke lighting.

    With 3D printing you can completely have your design and therefore fits your business to a tee. 3D printed luminaires are the redefinition of fast, flexible and sustainable. Ideal for every project, office, chain or store.


    Ideal for prototyping and creating unique designs in small series. Right now in lighting, we start using 3D printing on an industrial scale. Major customers like Marks & Spencer’s, Albert Heijn, SAS, Total & Praxis are using 3D printed solutions. 


    Create unique store experiences which can be easily adapted to new trends without wasting materials. Tailor your lighting design with circular economy ready luminaires.

    But why? What are the benefits?


    Listen to what our customers have to say and how they have used this to create an unique store experience, how they adapted this to new trends without wasting materials.


    Here are the learning objectives of this webinar:

    • What types of flexibility/customization are enabled by 3D printing so that specifiers can better serve their customers?
    • How 3D printing contributes to sustainability and supports circular economy?
    • How customers like LAPD that worked on M&S and Albert Heijn experienced working with 3D printed solutions?
    • What 3D printing can bring in the near future?

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