3D Printed luminaires: Innovations for a more sustainable world

    Watch this webinar to learn about benefits of 3D printing technology for your projects, our sustainability program and how our innovative way of producing luminaires with 3D printing technology can reduce carbon emissions. 
    3D Printed Luminaires

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    Presented by

    Jaap van der Linden
    Jaap van der Linden
    Product manager at 3D Printing by Signify
    Anton Brummelhuis
    Anton Brummelhuis (MSc, MBA)
    Sustainability professional, environment, health, and safety at Signify

    In the past years Jaap has been active in product development for outdoor applications in Europe. Fueling the transition to LED based solutions. He has driven the Create the Livable city program, a platform where over 150 professionals in urban place making have been designing and prototyping lighting solutions that contribute to our future livable cities.


    In his current role as a product manager he uses 3D printing technology to develop new lighting solutions for indoor applications. He also leads the sustainability program that aims to use recycled polycarbonate as a basis to produce 3D printed products.

    Anton started his career at Philips in 1987 in industrial management and had been accountable for factories and outsourcing for 16 years. Thereafter he led businesses, innovations to markets and business creation. Since 2010 Anton is responsible for sustainable business development programs at Signify (former Philips Lighting) in the areas of energy efficiency, circular economy, and social innovations. He has represented Signify in supervisory boards, public private workgroups, corporate memberships, and events.

    Key topics and learnings


    The planet is facing a climate emergency. Governments and companies are under mounting pressure to curb emissions and create a more sustainable world. At the same time, the pace of technological change is faster than ever as we become more connected. Lighting is contributing to solving both issues in some very surprising ways.


    During this webinar you will learn about benefits of 3D printing technology for your projects, our sustainability program, and how our innovative way of producing downlights luminaires helps to reduce 75% carbon footprint emissions for material supply, manufacturing, transport and end of life combined using high quality and fully recyclable material. 


    The data based on comparison of a traditionally manufactured downlight using a die casted aluminum housing with a 3D printed downlight in polycarbonate. Data for other products will vary.


    Additionally, you will learn how our local production allows us to also lower the CO2 emissions impact in shipping due to the light weight of the 3D printed luminaires and transportation reduction thanks to our hubs located in the Netherlands, Belgium, India, Indonesia, and United States.


    Additionally, we will deep dive into how you can stay up-to-day with trends through new lighting systems while wasting less.


    We will explore the new technologies and previous projects where 3D printed luminaires have played a major role being the preferred solution for a sustainable strategic approach. 

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