Principles of Design Thinking

    Attend this webinar to understand the theory for Design Thinking methodology for a design office.
    Principles of Design Thinking



    Due to some unforeseen reasons, this webinar got cancelled.


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    Koert Vermeulen
    Principal Designer


    Koert Vermeulen, Founder and Principal Designer of ACTLD, is a Belgium based lighting and visual designer who creates lighting, set, video and content designs for large-scale events. Since 1995, his work has broadened from entertainment to architectural lighting design for retail projects, city master plans, heritage sites and exhibitions.  


    His most celebrated creations include the permanent aquatic spectacle “Le Rêve” at Wynn Las Vegas Resort & Casino, the opening and closing ceremonies of the first Youth Olympic Games in Singapore, “Tree Rings” installation on the Champs-Elysées Avenue in Paris, “Timeless Elegance” illumination of Regent Street in London, the lighting scenography for “Tree of Life” at EXPO 2015 and multiple lighting sequences developed for the Erasmus Bridge, in Rotterdam.  



    Key topics and learnings


    Design Thinking for the Design Office:

    This webinar will focus on some real-life Design Thinking projects, including the methodology used within our own design office in Brussels. It will delve into the methodology, not from a theoretical point of view, but from a practical point of view, something that is lacking in many of the books and online videos found on this topic.


    Although introduced in the 1970’s, the Design Thinking methodology has gained great momentum in the past five years alone. It brings in originality, visual impact, strong statements and integration into the existing architecture. It mostly emphasises on iteration and experimentation that is becoming more prevalent and accepted across market sectors.


    Learning Objectives 


    • Understanding the theory for Design Thinking methodology for a design office. 
    • It will be presented with real project-based examples on how to implement this methodology.
    • How to obtain the necessary tools for Design Thinking processes within a design office.


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