Lighting Design of Things debate

    Round table debate on 'Lighting design of things' – A discussion around the following topics IoT, LiFi, Virtual Reality

    A collaboration between the Lighting University and Luminous magazine.


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    Lighting design of things

    Presented by

    Alan Tulla

    Alan Tulla

    Independent Lighting Designer and Writer

    United Kingdom

    Martin Klaasen

    Martin Klaasen 

    Founder & Principal

    Klaasen Lighting Design

    Lighting Designer of Things (LDoT)


    Peter Raynham

     Peter Raynham

    Professor of the LET Environment

    University College London

    United Kingdom

    Nathanael Meyer

    Nathanael Meyer

    Head of Design



    Laura Taylor

     Laura Taylor

    Head of Design Exploration

    at Signify 

    Questions and answers

    Key topics and learnings

    In this episode, moderator: Alan Tulla, will have an exclusive round table discussing on lighting design of things with designers and academics.

    A brief of what you can expect in this discussion:

    • Introduction round
    • What is Internet of Things for a designer?
    • What is Internet of Things for a researcher?
    • What is Internet of Things for a manufacture?
    • What examples of Lighting Design of Things have you done recently?
    • How Lighting Design of Things will change the way for working together?
    • What co-creation in your practice? How do you deal with?
    • In 5 to 10 years’ time-frame, how do you see the Lighting Design of Things?

    An innovative series of discussion webinars has been set up in partnership with Lighting University and Luminous magazine last year.

    Past webinars online on the Lighting University website and Youtube:

    Articles in Luminous Magazine, extract of the discussion interview in print and flipbook:
    • In the Fabric, panel discussion on embedded light – Luminous 21, May 2018.
    • Maintaining Quality, Jeff Shaw, Thorsten Bauer and Paul Gregory discussion – Luminous 19, May 2017.


    In continuation, this panel discussion will feature another topic with leading thinkers and practitioners in the world of lighting.

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