Embedded luminous light in the different surfaces

    A discussion on embedded luminous light in the different surfaces


    A collaboration between the Lighting University and Luminous magazine.


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    Madrid Summit

    Photos: © Manuel Illera

    Accenture’s Headquarter Madrid

    Interior designers: AECOM

    Presented by

    Sander Cornelius Laudy

    Sander Cornelius Laudy

    Architect and Moderator

    B01 architectes, Spain

    Sarah  Chiappi

     Sarah  Chiappi

    Account Director

    SMC, UK

    Suzanne Wright

     Suzanne Wright

    Head of Department, Interior Designer, Lead Show Set Designer

    ThinkWell, US

    Carlos Temprano

    Carlos Temprano

    Director of Architecture,

    AECOM, Spain

    Jonathan Groswasser

     Jonathan Groswasser


    Yashar Architects, Israel

    Bart Wigman

    Bart Wigman


    Gielissen, The Netherlands

    Questions and answers

    This part of a series of interviews


    Last year, the Lighting University partnered with Luminous magazine to set up an innovative series of discussion webinars that considered lighting design’s future, starting with:


    In continuation, we will feature more interviews with leading thinkers and practitioners in the world of lighting.

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