Maintaining the lighting design during the building life cycle

    A discussion on lighting design and its maintainability during the building life cycle


    A collaboration between the Lighting University and Luminous magazine.


    In this episode, architectural author and editor Ruth Slavid will interview three advanced lighting designers in London, in a discussion ranging from maintaining lighting design, virtual reality and advanced manufacturing technologies.


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    Photo: Alessandra Magister. Generali Offices Milan, Italy

    Teaser maintaining the lighting design during the building lifecycle


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    Teaser Future of Lighting Design interview

    Presented by

    Jeff Shaw
    Jeff Shaw
    Lighting designer,
    Arup Lighting, London, UK
    Paul Gregory

    Paul Gregory

    Lighting designer, president and founder

    Focus Lighting, New York, USA

    Thorsten Bauer

    Thorsten Bauer

    Creative director

    UrbanScreen, Bremen, Germany

    This part of a series of interviews


    Last year, the Lighting University partnered with Luminous magazine to set up an innovative series of discussion webinars that considered lighting design’s future, starting with:


    In continuation, we will feature more interviews with leading thinkers and practitioners in the world of lighting.

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