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    Paul Traynor
    Paul Traynor
    Light Bureau, London, UK
    Neil Skinner
    Neil Skinner

    Light Bureau / London, Oslo


    Light Bureau is an award-winning lighting design & consulting studio. Established in 1999, it specializes in strategic light consulting, project design & delivery and product development. They work worldwide with architectural design partners and clients who value the innovative application of lighting techniques & technology, design integrity and a collaborative working style.


    Based in London & Oslo and wholly independent, this international team draws from a range of disciplines to develop and provide a diversity of light-related solutions. The company’s value lies in its ability to produce user-centric designs while meeting the many needs of all stakeholders. The core of Light Bureau’s design approach is what they call “Resourceful Creativity”. They combine this with execution excellence to produce Light as Craft™.

    SKR Lighting Design / London /


    SKR Lighting Design was set up by Neil Skinner in 2012. It provides a balanced philosophy of highly creative and technical lighting design consultancy services, from “Concept to Completion”. Their experience has been built up over 21 years in the UK and across the international lighting design industry. SKR provides a wide range of lighting design services from small residential extensions for individual private clients to giant shopping malls in international locations.


    As Director of SKR, Neil Skinner has experience working on and travelling to projects in over 20 countries. The projects are as widely diverse as cruise ships, transport, government buildings, theatres, bridges, cathedrals, residential applications, ancient & listed buildings, retail locations, hospitality, education, buildings in the public realm, museums, art galleries and events.

    Lighting Design Collective / Madrid, Helsinki, London /


    LDC specializes in customized architectural lighting solutions and applications with a uniquely integrated portfolio covering cutting-edge services such as digital content creation, software development and innovative design strategies. They are a multicultural team of lighting designers, software coders and digital artists that has created world-class projects in more than 20 countries.


    LDC’s experience covers cultural, hospitality, retail, office, and mixed-use designs as well as residential, landscape and infrastructure developments. As a complementary service, it also designs contemporary luminaires that capture the essence of its design philosophy. Based in three studios across Europe, LDC operates globally with a network of collaborators stretching from Madrid to Miami, London to Mexico and Helsinki to Hong Kong.

    Key topics and learnings

    This innovative series of discussion webinars has been set up in partnership with Luminous magazine and will feature interviews with leading thinkers and practitioners in the world of lighting. As an added bonus, after attending a webinar, you will get privileged access to the episode’s flipbook.


    What is the impact of the lighting profession going digital? What will the role of lighting design be in the future? How will lighting designers influence lighting manufactures and vice versa? What’s profession lighting designer’s will be hire next?


    In this episode, architectural author and editor Ruth Slavid will interview three advanced lighting designers in London.


    Next episode’s topic: Advanced Lighting Designs

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    Pioneers of light

    Discover the Pioneers of Light hub for architects, lighting designers and engineers. Ground-breaking lighting projects, events, training and tools to help transform your projects and designs.


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