Invoice Requirements

    As part of our strategy and continuous improvement efforts, Signify has implemented digital processing of supplier invoices. This includes receipt of invoice through PDF format subject to local legal and fiscal requirements.


    To avoid delays that could affect the invoice payment process, it is critical that your invoices comply with our purchase order and invoice requirements as presented in these pages.


    Below are our general guidelines for invoice receipt and requirements as well purchase order compliance.


    Country specific requirements can be viewed by selecting in the below interactive map, the region and country associated with the Signify entity you intend to bill. Other than requirements the country specifics also include How and Where an invoice must be submitted; and Who to contact in case of queries.


    Note: the word « invoices » used below, refers to both invoices and credit notes issued by you.

    Invoice Requirements


    • Signify will only accept original invoices that are legible for processing. Altered invoices cannot be accepted.
    • In case you are transacting with multiple companies of Signify, separate invoices must be issued per Signify Entity.
    • Your invoices must meet all relevant local, legal, fiscal & Signify requirements. Select the region and country in the interactive map below for your country requirements and if applicable refer to the invoice requirements for cross border transactions using the link at the bottom of the interactive map.
    • If your invoice does not meet the requirements, Signify will return the invoice for correction (subject to local legal requirements) to the e-mail address mentioned in our vendor master data. Signify will explain the reason why your invoice has been returned.
    • We highly recommend you notify the buyer or purchasing member of Signify for any changes in your vendor details including:

    - correct bank details

    - correct VAT number

    - e-mail addresses particularly to communicate with you the reasons for rejecting invoices and for sending remittance advises

    Purchase Order (PO) Compliance


    • Supplier shall not execute any work for Signify until supplier has received a valid Purchase Order
    • Signify will only accept invoices that refer to a valid Purchase Order. In exceptional cases you might be exempted from the purchase order requirement, but this requires written approval of a senior executive.
    • It is mandatory that each invoice contain the following purchase order details:

    - The correct Purchase Order number issued for your company related to the specific goods or services ordered.

    - Purchase Order number must be mentioned on the first page of the invoice. 

    Note: do not mentioned any prefixes e.g., if the PO was YG8-123456890 then mentioned only the digits highlight in green.

    - Invoice must not be for an amount more than the Purchase Order amount.

    - Unit price, quantity, unit of measure quoted on the invoice must be the same as those quoted in the Purchase Order.

    - Payment terms must be consistent with the Purchase Contract/Purchase Order.

    • See also a sample of a purchase order and where to find the different elements for mentioning on the invoice.


    If you handle more POs from Signify at the same time, for seamless processing and risk of delayed payment, we require that you issue a separate invoice for each PO number.

    Invoice submission


    • For countries where legally acceptable to receive PDF invoice through e-mail:

    - Unless otherwise agreed with the Signify Procurement Executive, Signify requires submission of all invoices and credit notes in an electronic format.

    - Submit your PDF invoices through the dedicated e-mail addresses mentioned on the Purchase Order. Do not use these addresses for queries or any other purpose. There are dedicated e-mail addresses for queries.

    - Our country requirements also mention the relevant e-mail addresses. Select the region and country in the interactive map below for the Signify country requirements.

    - We do not recommend submitting invoices in paper form as this will delay your payments.

    - PDF invoice must not be password protected.

    - Attachments other than PDF will be ignored (ex. Word, Excel, zip, etc.);

    - send 1 invoice per email.

    - That PDF resolution should be no less than 300 DPI size.

    - E-mail message must not exceed the size of 10 MB.

    - Mention invoice number and purchase order number in the subject of the e-mail.

    - The first page of PDF should contain the invoice image with all supporting data & documents in the pages following. Do not send supporting data in separate attachments.

    - Invoices should not be rotated. Invoices in « portrait « and « landscape « orientation will be accepted / processed.

    - Send PDF documents preferably in black and white.

    • For countries where paper invoices are required, it is critical that you submit invoices to the correct mailing address to avoid payment delays. The address can be found on the Purchase Order. Our country requirements also mention the relevant addresses to send the invoice to. Please select the region and country in the interactive map below for the Signify country requirements.
    Click on the blue icons on the world map for Signify Supplier Invoice requirements for domestic transactions and on the icon at the bottom of the world map for Cross Border Transactions
    Signify Supplier Invoice requirements for Cross Border Transactions