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Our programs

We run a number of programs designed to improve the sustainability performance of our supply chain.
  • Supplier Sustainability Management

    Supplier Sustainability Management

    Reflecting our commitment to improve people’s lives, we perform assessments at our supplier sites to identify areas of improvement or change required to promote acceptable working conditions, environmentally responsible management and ethical behavior in our supply base.

  • Substances Management

    Substances Management

    As part of our commitment to health, safety and the environment, it is vitally important that our suppliers comply with all relevant requirements regarding the use of regulated substances.

  • Conflict Minerals

    Conflict Minerals

    For years the Democratic Republic of Congo has been plagued by a civil war fueled by money from the mining of so-called ‘conflict minerals’. We have taken action to ensure we are not helping to finance the conflict through the metals present in our products.

  • Carbon Disclosure

    Carbon Disclosure

    We are a member of the CDP Supply Chain program and encourage our suppliers to disclose carbon emissions and reduce their carbon footprint.

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