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        Gardco SolarForm Gen2 off-grid luminaire is an advanced all in one integrated cost-effective solar solution with a high quality of light and reliable performance consisting of a LED light with a solar photovoltaic panel, a battery, and a BLE programmable controller, making it easy to specify, sell, install and maintain. It can be be programmed before or after installation with the desired dimming profile using an app giving you the flexibility to set and update the dimming profiles easily according to the seasons or changing requirements. Adapted to night activities and expected solar energy performance ready to be turned-on for customers to have a lighting solution in areas where electricity is not available (inc. temporary), and/or more expensive.


        Brings light to areas without access to electric grid
        Preserves landscape as no trenching for cabling required
        Sturdy construction for long life
        Saves energy
        Environment friendly
        Programmable dimming profiles through BLE for maximum flexibility


        High luminous efficacy above 175 lm/Watt to maximize battery performance
        MPPT and charge controller for maximum efficiency
        Specially designed pole mounting bracket with adjustable tilt angles of 0 to 15 degrees, which can also be used in post top & lateral mounting positions
        Replaceable Lithium Iron Phosphate battery for long life and hassle free operations
        Pressure die-cast aluminum housing for sturdiness and excellent heat dissipation
        PIR sensor, BLE controller and advanced RTE (run time extension) technology for run time maximization
        Self diagnostic feature along with battery charging, discharging & cut-off LED Indicators
        Up to 3,000 lumens
        Five standard housing colors


        Parks, pedestrian path lighting
        Shopping centers, campuses, plazas
        Rural areas
        Industries, office, schools
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