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    Gullwing Area Large LED GL18

    Gullwing LED - the grace and style of Gullwing with the efficiency and sustainability of LED

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    Gullwing Area Large LED GL18
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        In today's environment, sustainability and saving energy are leading factors in selecting a luminaire. With the introduction of the LED Gullwing, Gardco again leads the way. It is simply not enough to place LEDs into an existing luminaire. LEDs are more sensitive and behave much differently than traditional HID sources. As a result, the Gullwing has been thoroughly retooled, reengineered, and reconceived - purpose-built around advanced LED arrays. Of course, like all Gardco performance optics, illumination is glare-free with full cutoff. The luminaire preserves the architectural character and symmetry that has elevated Gullwing to an iconic, and often copied, area lighting presence. With architectural lighting's most beautiful high-performance luminaire, LED takes flight. With a profile a mere six inches deep, these eighteen-inch luminaires usher in a new paradigm in sustainable outdoor illumination. Aesthetically, the LED Gullwing draws strength from a simplicity of form that makes it a natural complement to any architectural vocabulary. The subtle elimination of the mounting arm allows the LED Gullwing an uninterrupted transition from luminaire to pole. The striking effect is that the luminaire and arm become one. But this design serves practical purposes as well, minimizing wind load and strengthening the assembly.


        Improved light output and lifetime over traditional sources
        Eliminates need for a support arm
        Easy installation and maintenance
        Enduring quality and reliability
        Fade and abrasion resistant


        One-piece die cast aluminum housing
        Mounts directly to a pole or wall
        Integral extruded aluminum thermal radiation fins
        Tool-less access to internal components
        Sleek profile and rugged construction


        Parks and Plazas
        Road and Street
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