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    BrightSites T-Series Streamline Pole

    Expedite 4G/5G deployment without visual clutter

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    BrightSites T-Series Streamline Pole
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        BrightSites Streamline Telecom Pole enables broadband deployments to be accomplished in an aesthetically pleasing manner. The integrated pole conceals wireless network equipment, such as cables and radios, in an attractive design to closely match existing infrastructure. BrightSites Streamline poles come in a range of colors, heights, and configurations. When combined with Signify’s innovative LED luminaires and controls, the BrightSites’ poles are best in-class technologies, allowing for a reduction in energy cost, promoting safer environments and are the infrastructure of the future.


        Eliminate visual clutter by using integrated antenna and small cell radios
        Standardized solution ready for city-wide deployment
        Configuration are designed to operate in a wide range of environment
        Integrated base has space for future upgrades and add-ons


        Intended to house up to 4 radios and other wireless infrastructure equipment inside 14.5” base
        Includes everything needed for a 4G/5G small cell site
        Available in luminary heights of 28’, 30’ and 32’
        Compliant with AASHTO, TIA-222, ETL and GR 487


        Road and Street
        Parks and Plazas
        Light Commercial
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