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    Testing Capabilities

    What we offer

    EMC testing

    We have in-house EMC testing capabilities for conducted emissions, and also we can estimate radiated emissions, offering a reliable  diagnosis on whether it can pass the official FCC EMC test. This can save several iterations for your luminaire design that consume valuable time and expense.

    Surge Testing


    In our surge test lab, we have two machines: one capable of 10kV/5kA and a larger machine for up to 30kV/15kA to test luminaires with surge protection integrated.

    Surge testing icon

    Automated Performance Testing

    Automated performance testing


    We can test different operating conditions of our drivers to deliver performance measurements and plots for parameters from efficiency to thermal and can provide you with the data upon request.

    Thermal Testing

    As experts in thermal testing, we can provide you with infrared images and temperature measurements of our drivers and modules in your fixtures. You can use this data towards the UL qualification of your fixtures since our test labs are UL certified.

    Photometric Testing

    Currently, we have a 3' dia light sphere in-house that effectively tests smaller light emitter systems, offering you an indication of light output and lumen efficiency of your fixture.

    Optical testing (towards DLC qualification)

    We work with our preferred partner Intertek for Optical Testing and can provide the test reports and IES files as part of the design-in project. We also get favorable response time from Intertek, speeding up the process.

    Emergency only

    The following are additional capabilites for emergency products


    Bodine (Specific EM Validation Tests)


    Mechanical Installation Optimization

    We find a suitable location within a given luminaire where an EM unit can be mounted/connect.


    UL 924 Battery Discharge Testing

    By connecting an EM unit to an LED load, charging it for 24 hours, and performing a full 90-minute discharge, we monitor battery voltage and current along with other parameters such as output voltage and power.


    UL 924 Minimum Light Output Testing

    This test is completed by mounting a luminaire or light source in a dark room along with an EM unit that has been fully charged, measuring the light output in foot-candles (lux) after one minute into the discharge.


    Approbations Assistance

    We work with luminaire manufacturers and their preferred approbations agencies to help obtain required certifications for adding an EM unit as an option into their luminaire.

    Additional capabilities for emergency products