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    Quickship 1- We are ready for you

    If you need it quick – QuickShip 1 will make it happen!


    We want to be your preferred manufacturer and supplier of lighting components. To make it an easy choice for you, we are now offering our QUICKSHIP 1 Program. This program provides you with peace of mind knowing that the lighting components you need are in stock and ready to ship. We are maintaining an increased inventory of our most popular Advance LED drivers and Modules along with Bodine Emergency components. These are in stock and ready to ship to you.


    Let Signify be your stock room!

    Let Signify be your stockroom for Advance and Bodine lighting components by reducing the amount of inventory you need to keep on hand. This will help improve cash flow while keeping your line running, and your projects on track. The result is improved turnaround times for your customers, potentially leading to increased sales.

    How the program works


    Simply place your QUICKSHIP 1 order:

    1. Quick Ship orders must be standalone orders 
    2. Order must be clearly marked with the order code “QUICKSHIP1” 
    3. Orders must be for immediate release 
    4. Items must be part of the QUICKSHIP 1 program eligible products
    5. Place orders at or directly via the My Lighting Portal - please reach out to your Signify sales representative using the order code “QUICKSHIP1”
    6. Standard minimum order quantities and shipping rules apply

    Our Quickship1 Program Promise

      We are proud to offer you the most comprehensive support in the industry! Take advantage of our QUICKSHIP 1 Program and receive peace of mind that the products you need are available and ready to be shipped.