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    WiZ Expands LED Strip Portfolio and Launches Music Sync Feature

    June 17, 2024

    WiZ unveils smart RGB and RGBIC LED light strips available on and Amazon


    Illuminate Your Space with Versatile and Smart WiZ LED Light Strips, Fairy Lights and Outdoor Wall Light – Signify unveils new WiZ smart RGB and RGBIC LED light strips available on and Amazon in addition to new fairy lights and outdoor wall light available on


    • Cut WiZ’s RGB light strips to fit and beautify any space, room, or surface. Experience consistent color and brightness from beginning to end with over 16 million solid colors and shades of white light from warm to cool
    • Installation made easy – simply stick the flexible strips anywhere you like and use the intuitive WiZ app to control your lights using your existing Wi-Fi
    • WiZ’s new Fairy Lights contain 160 mini LED bulbs that create vivid colors with gradient transitions
    • Music Sync capabilities through the WiZ app allow you to further customize your space by syncing your WiZ lights to match the rhythm of your favorite music
    Bridgewater, NJ – Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, announces new smart RGB and RGBIC LED light strips available on and Amazon. Experience the ultimate in customizable lighting with the new WiZ light strips. Designed for flexibility and convenience, these light strips bring vibrant colors and smart technology into any space.

    Versatile Design and Advanced Lighting Technology


    WiZ’s Red, Green and Blue (RGB) LED strips offer both static and dynamic light modes with 16 million solid colors and shades of white, brightness and speeds to perfectly complement your moods and needs. They are available in extra-long lengths of 15m/50ft and 30m/100ft, and are cuttable, meaning that they can be easily adjusted to exact measurements.


    WiZ’s Red, Green and Blue Integrated Circuit (RGBIC) LED strips allow you to light up the strip with multiple colors at the same time, creating dazzling effects including chasing rainbows, color fades, and sparkles. Go beyond solid colors with individually controllable full-color segments, all controllable through the WiZ app. The WiZ RGBIC LED strips are available in 5m/16.4ft, 10m/32.8ft and 20m/65.6ft lengths, and can be shaped and reshaped to perfectly fit any space.


    Both the RGB and RGBIC LED strips offer consistent color and brightness from end to end, creating a vibrant atmosphere in your home.


    Easy Installation


    The WiZ LED strips can be cut to any size to fit into any space, making them easy to attach and install throughout your home. Simply cut the light strips to your desired length and then stick them anywhere you like. They can be adhered to furniture, walls, tray ceilings, or under cabinets. The adhesive is secure enough that your strips won’t go anywhere but gentle enough that they won’t damage surfaces.


    Smart Control and Connectivity


    Like all WiZ lights, the new RGB and RGBIC light strips work with your existing Wi-Fi. Control from anywhere with the WiZ app or go hands-free with voice control. Schedule your lights to turn on or off to fit your routine, or set vacation mode to mimic your presence even when you’re away from home. Matter compatible, the light strips can also be controlled with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit.

    As leading Wi-Fi lighting brand worldwide, our objective is to provide the highest-quality lighting that allows users to elevate and transform any space. With the expanded range of WiZ LED strips, we bring an easy to install solution for users to unleash their creativity and adjust the lights to their unique individual taste. The addition of the Music Sync feature to all WiZ lights will provide WiZ consumers with a more entertaining and enjoyable experience.”


    Maikel Klomp
    Business Leader of WiZ Connected

    Safety and Privacy


    Each strip is equipped with a protective coating to prevent damage, ensuring longevity and durability.


    Operate your lights without compromising privacy or personal information, ensuring peace of mind. WiZ doesn’t need personal e-mail or phone numbers to provide users with the best experience.


    Add Whimsy with WiZ Smart Fairy Lights


    WiZ’s new Smart Fairy Lights add a fun, whimsical touch to any indoor or outdoor space. The 20m strand contains 160 mini LED bulbs that produce sparkling, vivid colors with gradient transitions. In the WiZ app, users can select from more than 30 preset static and dynamic light modes including Fireplace, Snowy Sky and Party, to make your home sparkle all year round.


    Elevate Outdoor Spaces


    The WiZ Wall Light Classic is the latest addition to WiZ’s portfolio of outdoor lights. Featuring a sophisticated, clean design, the Wall Light Classic has a versatile, high-quality aluminum finish. It is UV resistant, windproof and snow proof, and offers millions of colors and warm to cool white light. The Wall Light Classic is Matter-certified and can be controlled via Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Apple Home.


    Music Syncing Capabilities


    The new Music Sync feature makes it easy for all your WiZ lights to react to the rhythm of whatever you’re listening to, amplifying the listening experience with dynamic visual effects. Simply open the WiZ app to the Music Sync page and connect your smartphone or tablet to the same Wi-Fi network as your WiZ lights. Place your smart device close to the speaker for it to capture sound and instruct your WiZ lights to react to it.


    With nine preset color palettes to choose from for color-capable WiZ lights, you can fully customize your listening experience to match your vibe and can easily adjust the color and intensity of your lighting. WiZ’s white lights will simply pulse to the rhythm of the music when synced. All lights in the music area will sync simultaneously, fully immersing you in an elevated listening experience. Sync as many WiZ lights as you want as long as they are all connected to the same Wi-Fi network. The music sync feature is available for all WiZ Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled lights.


    Coming Soon – WiZ Neon Flex Strip


    In Q3 2024, WiZ will also be releasing the WiZ Neon Flex Strip. The Neon Flex strip will offer vibrant colors that can be static or dynamic thanks to the strips’ gradient capabilities. The Neon Flex strips will be available in 5M/16.4ft and 10M/32.8ft lengths and will be easy to bend and shape to fit your home’s unique needs. Also compatible with the WiZ app, the Neon Flex strips will add a fun, fully customizable twist to your home décor.



    WiZ’s new Smart Strips will be available at and Amazon.


    • WiZ Smart RGBIC LED Strip 5m/16.4ft (June 18), $24.99
    • WiZ Smart RGBIC LED Strip 10m/32.8ft (June 18), $39.99
    • WiZ Smart RGBIC LED Strip 20m/65.6ft (June 18), $59.99
    • WiZ Smart RGB LED Strip 15m/50ft (June 18), $24.99
    • WiZ Smart RGB LED Strip 30m/100ft (June 18), $49.99
    • WiZ Smart Fairy Light 20m/65.6ft (June 18), $79.99
    • WiZ Smart Wall Light Classic (June 18), $89.99
    • WiZ Smart Neon Flex Strip 5m/16.4ft (Q3 2024), $79.99
    • WiZ Smart Neon Flex Strip 10m/32.8ft (Q3 2024), $139.99

    About WiZ Connected

    WiZ Connected is an Internet of Things software solution provider focused on delivering easy-to-use, WiZ is a leading IoT platform providing Wi-Fi-based connected lighting solutions. Owned by Signify, the world leader in lighting, WiZ distributes its products in more than 70 countries under different brands, including WiZ, Philips Smart LED Connected by WiZ, and others. With WiZ, users can easily create beautiful light effects to set the mood and elevate any space, or automate lights to support daily activities for more comfort and convenience. Learn more about WiZ at, and stay up to date by following us on social media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.

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    Signify (Euronext: LIGHT) is the world leader in lighting for professionals and consumers and lighting for the Internet of Things. Our Philips products, Interact connected lighting systems and data-enabled services, deliver business value and transform life in homes, buildings and public spaces. In 2022, we had sales of EUR 7.5 billion, approximately 35,000 employees and a presence in over 70 countries. We unlock the extraordinary potential of light for brighter lives and a better world. We achieved carbon neutrality in our operations in 2020, have been in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index since our IPO for six consecutive years and were named Industry Leader in 2017, 2018 and 2019. News from Signify is located at the Newsroom, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Information for investors can be found on the Investor Relations page.

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