Ensure secure access to data in public areas with Trulifi

    Public areas

    The mobile generation expects ubiquitous access to the internet. But security concerns are driving new needs in public buildings and other areas.

    Trends in the public segment

    Digitalization of services
    Increased use of cloud-based work
    High security
    High demands for public visiting more online

    The trend to more flexible work environments as well as the increase in online services has given people more freedom — but it has also increased concerns about security. Walls have ears, right? The truth is, many password-protected networks are vulnerable.


    LiFi can protect this freedom while maintaining data security, because light does not travel through walls. In essence, it’s as immune to eavesdropping as a cable would be!


    Signify’s Trulifi leverages the existing lighting system of any building, offering a faster connection (up to 200 Mbps) and superior performance over WiFi. Used in addition to the regular network, it frees capacity for mobile phone users. Trulifi – Best lighting and best connectivity, combined in a clutter-free solution!

    Related applications

    • Philips Stadium Eindhoven offers Trulifi

      Philips Stadium Eindhoven offers Trulifi

      Having installed Trulifi they are able to offer journalists, supporters & business guests an internet connection that matches the Champions League status.

    • HSV reporting at light speed with Trulifi

      HSV reporting at light speed with Trulifi

      HSV was the first football club in the world to install Trulifi: using light waves to provide a highly reliable, secure and fast internet connection.

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    Our Solutions

    Trulifi 6002


    Trulifi 6002 series has a net data rate of 200 Mbps downlink and 160 Mbps uplink. In combination with the unique LiFi-controller, large areas can be covered with seamless LiFi communication. Plug and play USB access keys will give the guests and users a perfect experience. The 128 bits encryption improves the security in applications where needed.

    Trulifi 6013


    Trulifi 6013 is a fixed point to point system. It acts like a wireless cable with a data rate up to 250 Mbps. The system can be used in events or other temporary set ups.

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