Secure wireless high-speed data for government and defense

    Government and Defense

    Broadband connections in situations where radio is not an option

    Trends in government and defense data communication

    cyber domains
    Connect and share real time data in various cyber domains
    humanitarian aid
    Fast set up of broadband connections in humanitarian aid and crisis situations
    information dominance
    Managing data is key to information dominance and operational superiority
    Governments increasingly use commercial off the shelf equipment

    Broadband connections where radio is not permitted


    There are areas in the defense structure where radio-based technologies such as Wi-Fi and 4G/5G are prohibited due to interference with sensitive equipment or presence of explosive goods such as ammunition.

    Fast field data link


    Defense organizations frequently operate in humanitarian aid and crisis situations. Setting up broadband connections is hard due to lack of infrastructure and long lead times to obtain authorization to use RF spectrum whereas LiFi is license-free. LiFi can also provide a backup transmission medium for use during periods of radio silence and can free up congested wireless networks.

    Additional level of physical security


    LiFi is a light-based internet connection that can’t be intercepted, jammed or tracked from outside the area of the infrared cone. This provides an extra layer of physical security. Using LiFi in command posts, only accessible with dedicated USB keys, means defense personnel can stay online safely. They also can roam easily between LiFi coverage areas.

    Easy to install


    LiFi can be integrated into lighting fixtures and is operational in no time. Time is saved on installation and working online becomes more efficient. With LiFi, secure wireless high-speed data is now available even in sensitive situations.

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    Our solution

    Trulifi 6013

    Trulifi is a fixed point-to-point system. It acts like a wireless cable with a guaranteed net data rate up to 250 Mbps for the downlink and uplink. It can be used in various applications within industry 4.0 roll outs.

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