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    DHL Innovation Center

    Trulifi as part of the logistical process innovation


    The DHL Innovation Center in Troisdorf, just outside of Cologne, Germany explores how innovative technology and best practices impact logistics. On a yearly basis DHL gives more than 10.000 customers a future perspective on logistical innovation via guided tours, workshops, and events. With the ever-increasing amount of digital data excellent network connectivity is an integral part and DHL wanted to feature Trulifi in their innovation center.

    "State of the Art logistics means having full connectivity to ensure efficient operations, and total visibility. The diversity of environments in all aspects of logistics means there is no single wireless connection technology to cover all connectivity needs. LiFi, using light to communicate, brings a unique wireless solution to the logistics connectivity toolbox. It enables low latency and highly reliable connections, which is especially relevant where you want to automate, e.g. with AGVs. Therefore it has all the potential to be valuable to the logistics industry."


    Ben Gesing, Global Head of Trend Research, DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation

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