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    The perfect balance of functionality and affordability

    Lightolier by Signify  - Calculite downlights, wall washers and adjustable accents


    The LyteProfile family consists of downlights, wall washers and adjustable accent lights to give you ideal illumination from the brand you trust. LyteProfile is completing the family, now featuring expanded beam angles to cover more applications and improve your installation’s lighting power density.

    LyteProfile completes the family with additional beam angles


    Lightolier’s high-performance, affordable, specification-grade downlight family provides many options that benefit all stakeholders from designers to installers to the end-user.


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    LyteProfile 3" Round LED

    LyteProfile 3" Square LED

    LyteProfile 4" round LED

    LyteProfile 4" square LED

    LyteProfile 6" round LED

    LyteProfile 6" square LED

    Now available with AccuRender


    Lightolier’s new AccuRender LED technology helps ensure colors are rendered more accurately and consistently, while doing so with minimal efficacy loss.


    Most lighting today has an average CRI around 80, so the shift to higher color rendering (90+ CRI) marks a beneficial change in lighting quality. Not only is CRI improved and efficacy maintained, but alertness, daytime vitality and mood are also positively affected by the high MDER (Melanopic Daylight Efficacy Ratio) of up to 0.80.


    This significant lighting quality improvement is critical to office, healthcare, retail, hospitality and education facilities, where light quality and well rendered colors can be vital for task effectiveness.


    AccuRender technology takes color rendering to a new level and will soon be standard across our entire Lightolier portfolio with almost no sacrifice to luminaire efficacy.


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    Easy to specify


    The Lightolier UniFrame, single frame solution, is adaptable and was designed to respond to ever-changing project needs. LyteProfile, as well as the Calculite and EasyLyte downlight families, use this frame providing design flexibility even after the rough-in and ceiling installation is complete. 

    Easy to control


    From standalone dimming down to 1% to a fully connected and wireless option with Interact, LyteProfile works with a wide array of control protocols. The modular design allows for last-minute design changes or future upgrades without the need for tools. 


    Controls solutions from basic to advance connected networks:


    • 0-10V delivers smooth dimming down to 1%
    • Electronic Low Voltage (ELV) dimmable with no additional wiring
    • Dali for dimming and addressability systems
    • Tunable white (2700K to 6500K) impacts the appeal of the space by changing color temperatures (not avail. on 3”, consult factory)
    • PoE and SpaceWise networking systems for low cost integration of energy efficiency and data management
    • Interact ready configurations available to order