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    Lumec Lighting

    Why Lumec

    Our passion shines through

    Engineers, designers, technicians, specialists, all dedicated people focused on one thing: creating the best outdoor lighting products the world has ever seen. We don’t simply manufacture luminaires, we design them and their optics from scratch, we have our own foundry, we do our own R&D, we lead the way in outdoor LED technology, we are actively involved in the industry, always staying on top, always leading the way. Lumec is not only a manufacturer of luminaires, we are innovators and creators in our field, delivering high-quality products, perfectly adapted to the needs of our clients.

    Manufacturing excellence: A Constant Commitment

      We strive for the highest manufacturing quality standards because we know that it is precisely this level of quality that allows our lighting fixtures to withstand the test of time, and to provide dependable lighting for the ages.

    Certifications at a glance:


    • In-house structural engineers
    • ASHTOO certified pole assemblies
    • CSA Certified Poles
    • UL certified Poles & Luminaires
    • ISO 9001
    • ISO 14 001
    • Canadian Welding Bureau

    Our quality finishing techniques provide premium protection for your lighting investment

    Whatever project you design, lighting fixtures should not be chosen solely on the basis of their illumination characteristics. A positive first impression is crucial, which is why the quality of the finish is so important

    Lumec's continuous improvement program has led to the development of an outstandig thermosetting powder coating process for exterior applications. It has enhanced resistance to ultraviolet rays, salt spray corrosion and extreme weather conditions.

    The paint would be nothing without a proper surface treatment. Lumec's immersion process deposits a Zirconium-based nanotechnology layer that wil protect steel or aluminum product against corrosion and promote paint adhesion.

    You dream it. We create it.

      While we offer a broad range of configurable products to meet your needs, nearly everything is customizable. Lumec works closely with you to design products and services around you specific needs, through our "Engineered To Order" Program. Whether you need a special finish, or an entirely new luminaire, we've got you covered.

      Contact you sales representative to start your customization journey today!


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