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    Lumec Lighting

    Lumec innovative solutions and technologies

    Connected lighting: Make your city more livable  

      Make your city smarter and more livable with connected lighting solutions. Simple software management tools enable you to improve street lighting, safety and beautify the urban landscape across roads, parks and public spaces. It will also help reduce energy consumption, improve efficiency and support your sustainability goals.

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    Comfort lighting: Goodbye glare


    Harsh glare provided by some outdoor LED luminaires can mean unhappy citizens, making it difficult to balance energy saving goals with creating a welcoming environment for pedestrians. We've eliminated this problem with the introduction of Comfort Optics to our portfolio of luminaires. Specifically engineered to reduce glare, Comfort Optic technology enhances the user experience by providing both energy savings and comfortable lighting.


    ClearGuide leads the way  

      What makes ClearGuide Technology unique is the vertical orientation of the LED light source, and how the light is distributed through a light guide with precision rings. This design allows light to be optimally distributed for maximum spacing and target lumens, without directly exposing viewers to the LED. ClearGuide controls glare without compromising performance, providing visual comfort and excellent facial recognition, which helps enhance a sense of security in your city.

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    Create your own luminaire with Outdoor 3D Configurator