March 15, 2024
    Signify EnabLED Team attends Light & Building 2024 in Germany
    From March 3-6, 2024, the Signify EnabLED licensing team attended Light & Building 2024 at the Messe Frankfurt. Light & Building is one of the world’s largest lighting tradeshows, with over 2,100 exhibitors and over 150,000 people attending this year’s conference.
    December 1, 2023
    Signify welcomes Eglo as licensee to EnabLED Licensing Program
    Signify has signed a settlement and patent license agreement with the international Eglo group. Eglo now joins Signify’s EnabLED Luminaire and Retrofit Bulb program, providing it with access to a wide range of LED control, product-level and system-level technologies.
    August 14, 2023

    The basics of patents explained


    Patents have been instrumental since the Industrial Revolution for stimulating innovation by providing entrepreneurs with a time limited exclusivity on their inventions, allowing them the opportunity to make a return on their original investment. The inventors must fully disclose their innovations to the public, and once the exclusivity period expires the invention is free for all to use. The patent system is still used by large and small entities or individuals to protect and monetize their intellectual endeavors.

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