Case studies

    Brumberg Leuchten

    Founded in 1873 by Hermann Josef Brumberg, the company is a family firm which is now in its fifth generation. The firm has succeeded by being innovative and flexible, adapting its way of working and product offerings, and constantly upgrading its service. Although previously focused on the home decoration sector, market shifts enabled them to diversify their product offering and in recent years their LED range has become their main business as one of the first German companies to adopt the technology.

    Brumberg currently operates worldwide in more than thirty five countries, which includes work in a variety of markets. They have spent the past year developing and building their brand and developing opportunities in the market, including new technologies such as LED based products.

    Brumberg’s continual and global success is in part due to their use of the latest lighting manufacturing techniques combined with premium materials across a wide product range. Recently, this has involved partnering with Philips by joining the Philips LED Luminaires and Retrofit Bulbs Licensing Program which has given them access to the numerous technologies that have been made available under this program and allowed them to rapidly innovate and remain at the top of the market. André Klauke, marketing manager explained their reasons for joining the program: “Philips is a big brand, and with a high number of patents and extensive knowledge of the industry. Philips has a long history in the market, and we hope to bring some really new products to the market using Philips’ inventions. Using these inventions allows us to shift our own R&D efforts to different areas” Mr Klauke also said that they always bring up the membership when talking to customers as it is such an important part of their future business plans.

    When describing their experience of joining the program, Mr Klauke said that it was “really easy” and that the assistance from Philips was “great”. He recommended that both competitors in the field of LED based luminaires and colleagues join the program in order to further grow the lighting market, enabling innovation and design.

    Philips is dedicated to encouraging the adoption of LED lighting worldwide to ensure a more energy efficient future, and enabling companies to cooperate by ensuring the licensing program is fair and accessible. Companies can readily use the technologies which are part of the program, and benefit from Philips’ decades of investment in a mutually beneficial way, allowing for greater investment and help to foster worldwide industry growth. Philips believes the licensing program will give companies access to a wide variety of lighting technologies and not only safeguard their own innovation but enable others. Philips has recently reached the new milestone of 400 licensees which coupled with their 210 inventions, resulting in close to 1500 patents or patent applications demonstrates their extraordinary growth and technological improvements.