LED uptake in Office, Industrial and Consumer

    LED uptake in Office, Industrial and Consumer

    Around the globe the switch to LED is accelerating, with a rapidly growing and increasingly diverse product offering. While we are seeing this in every segment, here we take a closer look at some of the trends in the three markets that make up one of our main application areas: Office, Industrial and Consumer.


    Improved light quality has led to a significant increase in the ‘LEDification’ of professional office implementations. This is particularly true in new office buildings, or in those undergoing a complete renovation. This is also enabling installers to integrate smarter lighting solutions into buildings, taking advantage of new control technology and the Internet of Things revolution. These smart lighting solutions are moving beyond basic occupancy detection to more sophisticated control systems with the ability to tailor light to individual requirements. Tunable white luminaires, with their better color temperature and performance closer to natural sunlight, are becoming increasingly popular.


    There is also an increasing move to LED based lighting in industrial. LEDs make it easier to create a rugged fixture. This is a huge benefit in heavy duty industrial environments such as loading bays, reducing maintenance time and effort and lowering cost while increasing safety.

    Furthermore, with improvements in LED brightness, even when light fittings are placed on high ceilings, they still deliver plenty of light on the workspace. And their longevity results in a huge saving from much reduced maintenance costs.


    In the consumer market, LED based lighting take-up has yet to reach the same high level as in the office and industrial segments. The good news is that with increasing brightness and performance, as well as the reducing price of retrofit LED bulbs, people are starting to make the switch.