LED Luminaires and Retrofits Bulbs Licensing Program - how it works

    Which of your products require a license?


    The easy answer is any product that uses a patented invention in a patent country. A patent gives its owner the exclusive right to use the invention during a certain period, typically 20 years. If other companies wish to manufacture, sell or use a product incorporating a patented invention, they need authorization from the patent owner.

    If you need to check which of your products include patented technologies, we can help. Philips licensing specialists can analyse your product portfolio to see if any of your products or the components they are made from use any of our patents. They can also explain everything you need to know about patents and licensing, in your own language.

    Analysing your portfolio

    Our dedicated team of engineers has special know-how covering optics, controls and mechanical constructions. This team examines customer’s products to determine how they are constructed and how they work. The outcome of the analysis is then discussed with our patent counsels, who determine whether a particular patent is relevant for a product or not.

    The work performed by the reverse engineering team lets us genuinely and accurately assess patent relevance for a product. We are only concerned with any design aspects relating to our LED licensing requirements.

    Once any relevance is determined, our licensing specialists will then work closely with you to determine which type of licensing agreement best suits your needs. And they can help you through the process for obtaining a licence for our patents that best fits your needs.

    Once a licensing agreement has been signed, we will list the company licensed on our internet site as a licensee.

    After signing

    However, signing the agreement is not the end of the story. Once the agreement is in place, there are responsibilities to be upheld on both sides, including most importantly:

    • Quarterly reporting of the relevant revenues
    • Invoices and royalty payments
    • Annual audit statements

    Should you have any questions on your responsibilities as a Philips licensee or the steps you need to follow to become a licensee or what to do once you have signed a contract, please contact your licensing professional.