GREENPLUX srl is an Italian distributor of energy saving lamps. The company provides a range of halogen and LED retrofit bulbs as well as indoor LED lighting solutions, primarily for large supermarket chains, professional shops and industrial companies.


    “By becoming member of the EnabLED program, GREENPLUX now has access to some of the most innovative technologies in lighting construction. This strategic partnership with Philips Lighting, the company who developed the lighting market from its early beginnings to the present time, reinforces GREENPLUX’s leading position in market and also opens new possibilities and opportunities in the lighting market” said Mr. Giovanni De Gregorio CEO of Greenplux.


    “As an EnabLED licensee, GREENPLUX can ensure customers that its products are correctly licensed. This is a clear advantage, and it is making the most of it by promoting its membership of the EnabLED program to partners in brochures and leaflets and on its website.”

    Its most famous brand, IMPLUX, was established in 1992 and distributed together with other branded products in specialized DIY stores. In 2004, GREENPLUX was founded to better support the development of the IMPLUX brand, by focusing specifically on energy saving products.


    The company initially distributed compact fluorescent lamps, adding energy efficient Halogen lamps when the newer energy class “C” products were introduced. In 2011, the company introduced LED products, and quickly became the third largest distributor in the Italian GDO food market. At the end of 2014, it stopped distributing CFLs, to support a broader range of LED products. Now still Halogen lamps are sold, however, it intends to further expand its range of LED bulbs and lighting due to EU regulations.


    Thus, Giovanni De Gregorio expects to see continued growth in the demand for LED retrofit bulbs over the next few years. He believes that the resulting growth in production volumes, especially from Chinese manufacturers, will put more pressure on the price.


    He comments, “In my opinion, the LED market is now quite mature. I expect that we will see consolidation over the next five years. We intend to be one of the survivors with our strong technical and commercial capability.” To achieve this, the company is cooperating closely with its suppliers and customers to focus its product offering. One new market is retrofit smart bulbs, based on technologies now available to GREENPLUX through its membership of the EnabLED licensing program.


    “Smart lighting is currently a niche market, partly due to the relatively high cost of the bulbs. We are developing a flagship range of smart bulbs to address this market and demonstrate our technical capability” he says. “The growing demand for dimmable LEDs, smart light bulbs and high efficiency retrofit bulbs highly benefits from the  support of the EnabLED Licensing program”.