Concerts just got brighter

    Concerts just got brighter

    People gather in the hundreds and thousands at concerts to listen to their favorite bands. Driven by the music’s beat the atmosphere is intoxicating, echoing the music’s mood from raw and electrifying to mellow and moving. To enhance the overall experience, visual stimuli can enhance the ambiance of the performance, and venues are well equipped with stage lighting to provide such effects. Nonetheless, bands and promoters are always looking for new ways to make the concert-goer’s experience even more exhilarating.

    A recent trend has seen a new visual effect added to the lighting repertoire at venues – portable color changing entertainment devices. Thanks to the flexibility and efficiency of LEDs, portable color changing entertainment devices turn each individual member of the audience into an illuminated element of the concert. The modern-day equivalent to holding up a lighter, only much, much better! These interactive devices are often in the form of beach balls or wristbands, so people can either throw them or wear them easily and wave them above their heads.

    Remote control wristbands

    Comprising a single RGB LED package, a controller, a battery and an antenna, the devices are individually addressable. During the event, they are remotely controlled from the stage or elsewhere to create lighting effects which can pulse and change color in time with the music. The complete effect of everyone’s wristbands or beach balls can be seen from a viewpoint such as the stage. When displayed on a screen the audience can also enjoy the scene which they themselves are creating.

    People receive their portable entertainment device as they enter the concert venue, being included as part of the ticket fee package. While remotely controlled during a concert, the entertainment devices can also be controlled locally afterwards re-purposing them into a long-lasting keepsake.

    Growth potential

    This is a growing global market with a huge potential. Given this potential, many different parties are showing interest in LED-based, portable entertainment devices. Artists including Coldplay and Taylor Swift have already used devices like these at concerts, gaining considerable kudos from their fans.

    The manufacturer behind the bracelets at Taylor Swift’s 1987 show is PixMob, the biggest company using LED technology in this way. PixMob is also first to join our licensing program, ensuring they receive the benefits from a worldwide license to our standard SSL Luminaire patent portfolio. The patents in this portfolio covers all aspects of the device, from separate RGB LEDs and single embedded LEDs, to translucent housing and our color changing patents, which is amongst our earliest patents.